Welcome to the worship debates

Welcome to the Worship Debatesby Summer Minister John Monroe What makes worship meaningful? That is a constant topic of debate in many religious traditions, where tensions have arisen between some church leaders who seek to hold to traditional forms of worship and others who seek to infuse services with contemporary music and liturgy. In some circles, these ongoing debates have been dubbed the “worship wars.”

Ah, technology … well that’s ironic!

Ah, Technology … Well That’s Ironic!by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig At worship this weekend I talked about the mindfulness bell I’ve set up on my computer. It’s been ringing once every hour, really nice meditation bell tone. I’ve promised myself, each time it goes off …

Force of nature

Force of Natureby Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig Have you seen it? The big tree, I mean, the one out behind our UUCF sanctuary that split in the storm last week?