Stopping gun violence, 1,000 congregations at a time

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig This past weekend, 20 UUCFers were among the nearly 5,000 Unitarian Universalists who gathered in Providence, RI, for our annual General Assembly (GA). UUCFers are always well represented at GA, with many of us soaking up fellowship and learning and worship together. (Click here to get a flavor of this year’s gathering.) This year we also led the way on a key social justice issue. Longtime UUCFer Bob Hatfield was there, representing our gun violence prevention group and presenting an Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) to the delegates encouraging every congregation to get involved in stopping gun violence. The AIW uses our UUCF Congregational Resolution on Gun Violence […]

‘My joyful, reckless signal to the world’

by Rev. Mary Katherine Morn In the service Sunday morning (my last as your minister), Don Reagan shared his poem, Days Like These. It closes like this: I’ve made my choice and I will make it again and again I choose to raise my arms high and wide, and then pirouette My joyful, reckless signal to the world He is referring to a wonderful moment during Burt Coffman’s memorial service when Burt’s wife, Jane, who was suffering from severe dementia, hearing reference in the service to a certain “skinny dipping incident” stood in the front row, arms raised high and wide, and spun slowly, a mischievous smile on her face. […]


by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig “We can’t be creative if we refuse to be confused … Great ideas and inventions miraculously appear in the space of not knowing. If we can move through the fear and enter the abyss, we are rewarded greatly. We rediscover we’re creative.” – Margaret Wheatley This quotation just showed up in my email inbox – a little serendipity to start the morning. Because, for me, gathering for worship at Oakton Elementary yesterday felt both a little confusing and a lot creative! A little confusing, yes. Do we turn right or left to find the auditorium? Where are the bathrooms again? And how are we going to fit […]