Showing up makes a difference

by John Monroe, Acting Minister for Social Justice. Visibility is an important part of social justice work. That’s because we all have a tendency to take our cues from other people. If we see other people getting behind a cause, we are more inclined to get behind it ourselves. It’s just human nature That’s why last week’s Climate March in New York City was so significant. More than 300,000 showed up for the rally, including an impressive number of Unitarian Universalists, many wearing their bright yellow “Standing on the Side of Love” regalia. Will the great media coverage translate immediately into sound climate policy? Perhaps not, but the event made […]

Spiritual direction: making space to hear your spirit

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. Once a month I drive to Maryland, to the quiet neighborhood where my spiritual director lives and works. For an hour, I sit on the comfortable old couch in her basement office while she faces me in her chair, a candle lit on the table between us. And we talk. Actually, most times we start with silence, breathing deeply, settling down. When it feels right, I start to tell her about what’s happening in my life … where I feel challenged, confused, joyful, sad, curious. … My spiritual director is there, receiving my words and my silence … mostly listening, sometimes asking a question or two, […]

Share the Plate: nominating charities for 2015

by Acting Minister for Social Justice John Monroe. Some important changes are coming to UUCF’s Share the Plate program. As you might know, Share the Plate receives half of the cash and 100% of designated checks collected in worship service offerings. Each month, Share the Plate funds go to an outside organization doing social justice work at the local, national or international level that reflects our Unitarian Universalist values. Those organizations are nominated by UUCF members and pledging friends. This gives congregants a great way to support projects that stir their particular passions in social justice. And it all adds up: Each year through Share the Plate, UUCF donates $25,000-30,000 to […]

A UU “faith” community

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. Sometimes people ask me why I refer to a UU congregation as a “faith community.” Though many UUs are theist (or, while non-theist, say that their religious outlook involves faith), others are both explicitly atheist and expressly uncomfortable with the word “faith.” Thus the reasonable question: Can a UU congregation be a “faith community?” To live our UU principles in all our relationships takes faith. The leading UU humanist theologian and one of my mentors is the Rev. Dr. William R. Murry. In his chapter titled “Faith,” in Becoming More Fully Human (2011), Murry identifies faith as an important humanist virtue. Murry quotes the iconic humanist, […]

Green Sanctuary Group

Mon., Jun. 18, 7:30-9 p.m., Prog. Bldg. Contact Lois Phemister. Is your interest in the environment passionate, poetic, scientific or something else? Join the group to share your passion and ideas.