Welcoming in all ways

by Carol Jensen. Nov. 27, 2014. Do you remember your first visit to our congregation? Were you warmly welcomed or barely noticed? How did that make you feel? Recently, I had feedback from a visiting couple who felt they were overlooked despite using green visitors’ mugs. I notice many Saturdays and Sundays we’re tending our visitors and it makes me proud to be part of this congregation. But it is important to be vigilant and not get so caught up with business or greeting friends that we ignore our guests. If you see someone standing alone, with or without a green mug, why not go and introduce yourself? If someone […]

What does our gratitude compel us to do?

by Rev. Julie Price. With Thanksgiving just a few days away it seems appropriate that I find my thoughts turning toward gratitude. This Sunday we were called into an experience of community through our worship services featuring the children’s and youth choirs, the youth houseband, the retelling of “Stone Soup” and tales of how our youth grew this summer through FUUSE (Fairfax Unitarian Universalist Summer Experience). Those engaging worship services were followed by the intellectually stimulating Science, Reason & Religion forum where Professor Richard America from Georgetown University spoke about racism and economic inequality. As if that wasn’t enough, this past weekend followed a week that for me included an […]

Beyond categorical thinking: Are we ready for our best next minister?

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. Quick: Imagine a minister. Don’t think too much, just grab the first image that comes into your mind. What does that imaginary minister look like? What’s their gender, race or age? Do they have any disabilities? We all carry unconscious biases that shape our reactions to people we meet every day, and it’s on all of us to do our best to become aware of our own biases and learn to grow beyond them. It may well be that the very best candidate to become our next parish minister might look different from the minister we imagined. They might be of a different ethnicity, age, gender […]

Transgender Day of Remembrance

by Rev. Julie Price. The voice on the other end of the phone was low, soft and hesitant. The caller ID read “caller blocked” so I wasn’t able to identify where the call came from. It was only late in the conversation that the caller shared his name, and then later shared her name. What started as an inquiry about officiating a wedding turned into a conversation about the caller’s transgender identity. As we slowly established trust, one question at a time, we began to talk about UUCF. The caller, whom I’ll refer to as “Fiona,” asked me, “Would I be welcome at your church? I mean, would I be […]

A sudden burst of light

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. It’s a great story, one that Rev. Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow will share with us next weekend at all the worship services. The part I like best takes place when our universe was young – a mere 380,000 years old. Something remarkable happened. There was a sudden burst of light. Until that moment, there wasn’t anything that could be called light. All the matter in the expanding universe was clumped together in a disorganized way with electrons darting furiously about. The smallest unit of light, the photon, bounced erratically, absorbed and released, absorbed and released, unable to travel in straight lines and so making the […]