Connecting across our differences

by Rev. Julie Price. In worship on Sunday, I preached about and Bob Carr sang Dar Williams’ song “The Christians and the Pagans.” It is such a rich and heart-warming story about a family who is able to connect across their differences over a Christmas Eve dinner. As the winter holidays come to a close and our thoughts turn to reflecting on the year that has passed, I offer this song to you as a gift of gratitude for what has been and a gift of hope for what the next year will bring. May we all find ways to reach across differences, learn “new ways from the old, make […]

Bring light

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. Tomorrow is the last night of Hanukkah. In cities across America, Jews will gather in public places carrying menorahs, the lights of the candles shining out with the message that black lives matter. Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Shalom Center calls these most recent efforts to uproot racism in our society “an expression of the ancient impulse to oppose the domination disease.” Resisting racism and other forms of the domination disease, Waskow says, must also include resisting humankind’s harsh domination of the planet Earth. Only by caring for our beautiful blue-green Earth can we ensure all people a place to thrive as we work to end every […]

“Better Breakfasts”

Tue., Mar. 10, 10 a.m.-noon, Sanctuary Kitchen. Email to register. Jennifer McLaughlin, facilitator. For more information about Jennifer, check out her website. This two-hour participation class walks you through the preparation of the most important meal of the day.

How shall we sing?

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. How shall we sing our love’s song now In this strange land where all are born to die? These lines by Madeleine L’Engle have been echoing in my heart this week. The holiday season is here – “The most wonderful time of the year,” as the popular song has it. And yet the news has been so heavy. In just the last few days we have been challenged to absorb a great deal: The Senate report on CIA torture practices, confirming what many of us had long suspected and calling us to somber reflection on who we are as a nation. The struggle to respond to […]

Enhancing the beauty of the worship experience

As 2015 and UUCF’s 60th anniversary approach, we’ll see the finishing touches to our 3-year Sanctuary beautification project. We’ve already seen new paint, spruced-up chairs, new carpet in the Music Room and Nursery, new tables and other furniture in the Commons and the new choir risers. The last element – for many the most visible and important – is our new pulpit, pulpit furniture and chalice. These new items will be on display in the Commons for the next few weeks before they are installed in our Sanctuary at the start of 2015, the 60th anniversary of UUCF’s founding. What’s the story of how they came to be designed and […]

A time for intolerance

by John Monroe. Something has to give. That’s the point of the National March Against Police Violence, scheduled for Sat., Dec. 13, in Washington, DC. The recent deaths of three African-American men at the hands of police – and the subsequent lack of indictments against those responsible – have raised serious questions about the integrity of our justice system, particularly when it comes to dealing with people of color. The problems with our justice system are not new. The sad truth is: the stories of Michael Brown, Akai Gurley and Eric Garner are hardly unique. Instead, they are just the latest cases to suggest that some view the lives of […]

The gift of principle

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. As we enter December, a month for celebration in many of the world’s religious traditions, our UU principles remind us of what we are: a religion where people with different beliefs worship together as one faith. So … how, exactly, does that work? Especially, in America, in a season when shopping seems to be the primary religious holiday? Unitarian Universalism is a faith that unites people with different theologies through shared universal values. As UUs, we covenant to affirm and promote seven principles that articulate those values. December is a wonderful time to reflect upon the third principle, “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth […]