“Dear Congregation, Thank You!”

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. My family and I have been so touched by your compassionate, loving response to my dad’s death last month. I want to let you know what it has meant to me. For days now, every time I come into work I have found thoughtful notes from so many of you, offering love and sympathy and understanding. And you know what? It is just amazing. In this time of deep and unfolding sadness and complicated emotions, every time one of you has reached out with a note or a hug or simply a kind smile, I have felt warmed and comforted by you. Thank you for that. […]

Climate group movie night

Fri., Feb. 13, 7:30 p.m., Unity of Fairfax. Free admission. Join the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions’ screening of “Thomas Berry: The Great Story.” As a pioneer in the field of spiritual ecology, Thomas Berry created a quiet revolution. Discussion will follow the film.

UU Church of the Palouse offers thanks

On behalf of the members of the UU Church of the Palouse, I offer my heartfelt thanks for your generosity in loaning us your ministers for a few days. In a hard and tragic week, having Revs. Craig and Jennifer here made a huge difference for our congregation and our entire community. They brought expertise, steady, compassionate presence and a reminder that we are not alone. Deep gratitude. With love, Rev. Elizabeth Stevens UU Church of the Palouse Moscow, ID

“People who look. People who see.”

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. We are poised in a unique moment. Despite deep divisions in the world today, many people have become aware that those divisions are artificial. They are artificial because they’re the product of difference turned to exclusion instead of to creativity and insight. Here at UUCF, we’re working on creative ways to recognize difference and treat it respectfully. At the “Exploring Diversity” Dinners, for example, we have a chance to deepen our connections with one another as we practice this skill. Here’s the thing. We have to see one another. We have to be open. We have to be willing to accept another person’s understanding of themselves […]

“Exploring Diversity” Dinners: Embracing our differences by knowing each other more deeply

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. We UUs have a passion for social justice, and a desire to be welcoming to all who enter our doors. Yet sometimes, even with these wonderful intentions, we aren’t as welcoming as we’d like to be. It happened to me just a few months ago, when I was very new at UUCF. During our worship services, we sang “De Colores,” including the one verse in Spanish. Afterward, a number of congregants said how much they welcomed the chance to sing in Spanish and that Spanish was in fact their first language. Another member noted, gently, that I’d joked about “doing our best” with the Spanish, thus implying […]

Paying tribute to MLK through service

by John Monroe. Acting Minister for Social Justice. This coming weekend, UUCF holds its second annual Weekend of Service. Throughout the weekend (and a few days before), we are offering numerous service opportunities for people of all ages, both on campus and in the larger community. Once again, the Weekend of Service coincides with the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. This is no coincidence. Over the years, this holiday has evolved into a time for social action. What better way to pay tribute to MLK than to emulate, to whatever extent we can, his efforts to transform the world through service to others? “Injustice anywhere is a threat to […]

Beyond Selma

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. I saw “Selma,” the film honoring the 50th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery, AL, civil rights march. The story is riveting. Powerful. Inspirational. I laughed and I wept. I wept for the courage and incredible dignity of people who put their lives on the line, their physical bodies at risk, for the rights to which they were entitled as American citizens. I wept because the movie made it all too clear how far we still have to go. So here are some thoughts about how we get beyond Selma. Despite legal and social changes over the last 50 years, in 2015 there are many ways that diversity is […]