“Stepping forward with joy”

by Janet Cushing, UUCF Board President. Are you feeling the excitement? Yesterday we voted to call Rev. David Miller as our new parish minister. I wish you could have had the view I had standing at the lectern – seeing our beloved community with such big smiles as I announced the results of our vote; the Sanctuary was practically buzzing with joyful energy! Our future as a congregation is bright and I am so grateful to be on the journey with you all. Rev. David and his wife, Alice, look forward to joining us in August. As we prepare for this exciting new phase in our ministry as a congregation, […]

“The possibilities in our shared future”

by Rev. David Miller. What a marvelous beginning to this week. So many of you, in our short time together, related personal stories or comments that have already held meaning for me not to mention the good-natured teasing I received from UUCF members who attended rival high schools or prefer the White Sox to the Cubs. I also am so grateful for gifts shared by all who participated in making the service such a wonderful experience especially the incredible musicians at UUCF. Candidating week is always an exciting time in the life of a congregation and as we spend the next week together, it will also highlight that this is […]

UUCF hosts first integrated Brownie troop in VA in 1950s

Apr. 14, 2015. Interim Minister for Social Justice John Monroe found this photo and descriptions in the UUCF archives. “In 1955 or 56, this church began to look at what lay ahead for school children, black and white. We realized that they did not know each other at all, and it was possible that a school might have only two or three black students attending, who would naturally feel very conspicuous, very lonely and scared.  “So we did two things. At this time we had no minister, and of course no building. We began a summer day camp to last two weeks, and to be open to black and white […]

“The necessity of Earth Day”

by Acting Minister for Social Justice John Monroe. Someday, we hope, Earth Day will not be necessary. Someday, each of us will recognize that our well-being is wholly interwoven with the well-being of the rest of this planet. Someday, each of us will understand that humanity is not apart from or above nature but part and parcel of it And someday, this realization will be reflected in the laws and policies of our communities, our nation and world. Someday, but not today. Today, we need Earth Day to awaken us to the amazing web of life of which we are a part – and to inspire us, to mobilize us, […]

“Life calls us on”

by Rev. Jennifer Brooks. Last week’s joyous announcement from the Parish Minister Search Team presenting the Rev. David Miller came simultaneously with the first spring flowers. Bright sunshine and warm temperatures liberate us from the oppression of winter. We have suffered, we have grieved, but Life calls us on. Life has a way of doing that, again and again. Each spring the birds sing insistently as if their primary task is to call our attention to Life. Have you noticed, they say, the greening of the willow? The first yellow of forsythia and daffodil? Life calling humanity to awareness is as old as Earth’s ancient peoples: “The voice of the […]