“Play, take two”

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. After yesterday’s service and sermon on the spirituality of play, it was delightful to hear from so many of you about how you like to play and what brings you joy. Thank you for the inspiration! This morning I got to play with my dog, Taylor. I like to take her out and throw sticks for her – the way she runs full-on to get the stick and comes back with her laughing, happy dog face is just the best! And for me, it’s especially great because she is completely accepting of my not-that-great stick-throwing talents. I’ve never been much of an athlete. I’m in awe of […]

“What we can and must do”

by Rev. David A. Miller. It’s 5 a.m. and I can’t go back to sleep. My head is filled with images of the previous 24 hours and the pain we humans can inflict on each other. Yesterday’s images have stayed with me as I moved through the day deeply aware of my calling and keenly aware of the depth of need. Many days I look for the overlooked good news of the world. It’s so important that we don’t get overwhelmed with what gets highlighted in our spectrum of awareness. But yesterday, it was hard to move through the day and not feel a bit slammed. In no particular order, the things […]

“Looking forward to a busy and rewarding year”

by Nigel Astell. I’m deeply honored to serve as president of the UUCF Board of Directors this year. Before I joined the board 2 years ago I was aware of its existence but had almost no idea of its purpose or the nature of its work. I imagined the board was busy reviewing reports, voting on numerous issues and directing staff, but I have learned that in reality that’s a relatively small part of our work. What surprised me the most after I joined is how much of the board’s work I’d categorize as spiritual. Our starting point is the congregational mission to transform ourselves, our community and the world […]

“Dive in for a More Meaningful Life”

by Linnea Nelson. Sometimes our busy lives keep us feeling as though we are skimming the surface of life. Does your life sometimes feel like an never-ending to-do list of appointments, sports practices, exercise classes … breathe … musical events, school events, writing emails, answering emails … breathe … grocery shopping, errand running … breathe? We find ourselves taking quick gulps of air and moving on to the next event without a moment to reflect on what we are doing and why. If you have recently said to yourself, “My life is just too crazy busy!” and you feel as though you aren’t diving deeply into your life, there is hope! […]

“Spirit of love will guide us”

by Rev. David A. Miller. As I settle into the area and into this new ministry as your parish minister, I am spending time in meetings and discussions learning about the inner workings of UUCF. I have been meeting with the board, lay ministers, staff and various groups, individuals and committees to gather information, become oriented and engage in conversation about the past, present and future. As part of the process, one of the most important things that I am trying to digest is the strategic vision, plan and direction. I was drawn to Grow, Connect, Serve when I was in search and now I am trying to have a deeper understanding […]

“Reflect more deeply, listen more attentively, love more unselfishly and act more boldly”

by Rev. David A. Miller. As a part of my transition across the country, I have made a conscious effort to give myself a little space and time away from the constant stream of issues and challenges that flow through my Facebook feed. I spent a good deal of time trying to unwind, enjoy the natural beauty of our amazing world and prepare myself for returning to the ever-present effort to bring healing, wholeness and transformation to ourselves, each other and the planet. As I now reemerge from the time of personal transition – as I return to the world of social media and social injustice – it is inevitable to […]

“Joy and woe are woven fine”

by Rev. Julie Price. “Joy and woe are woven fine …” This is the first line of a William Blake poem that I discovered as I was preparing last December for a memorial service I led for someone from the wider community. It was my first UU memorial service. I was struggling to find words to share in the service that would be meaningful to the loved ones who were both grieving a painful loss and celebrating a remarkable woman whose life had touched so many. These words by Blake resonated with me and have taken up residence deep within me. Like the threads of a garment, joy and woe […]