Finding gratitude between the light and the dark

by Rev. David A. Miller. Every day in November, I’ve posted a daily gratitude on Facebook: One quote about gratitude along with my own personal gratitude. Today, on this last day of November, I want to share my final post for the month. Daily Gratitude #30, final November edition – I opened my Facebook feed this morning and it is full of posts on terror, domestic terror, racism, accusations, counter accusations, talk of privilege, pain, frustrations, fear and anger. I often think to myself, how do we balance the need for being informed, aware, engaged and active, with the need for sustenance, spirit, hope and using our energy to lift […]

“Nourishment through endowment”

by Barb Brehm, Endowment Committee Chair. Endowments for churches and non-profits that are fortunate enough to be well funded have the happy mission of putting funds back into those organizations to make them stronger. UUCF’s Endowment Fund is no different. In 2011, UUCF’s fund reached the $250,000 threshold that allowed our Endowment Fund Committee to make annual disbursements to the congregation. UUCF’s Endowment Fund Committee voted to distribute those funds in the form of grants to worthy congregational programs. The idea was to make a broad, meaningful impact by providing financial nourishment to a variety of UUCF programs doing good in the world. This is the third year that the […]

“Justice is the public face of love”

by Lay Minister for Social Justice Wini Atlas. As we approach the seasons of gratitude, and of light and love, I want to say how grateful I am to have this opportunity to blog. As the lay minister for social justice, I would like to tell you about the journey that brought me to this endeavor. I was raised in a Jewish home and the spirit of the injunction, Tikkun Olam – repair the world – was spoken of often. Dr. Peter Salovey, president of Yale University, spoke about Tikkun Olam in a recent commencement address. He wondered if he could tell the graduating seniors what their post-graduation mission should […]

“Black Lives Matter: The Zen of the button”

by Rev. David A. Miller and Lay Minister for Social Justice Wini Atlas. A couple of weeks ago we made Black Lives Matter buttons available for all of us to wear at Cox Farms when we gathered to support UUCF’s Cox-Leow family. We realized after the event that we hadn’t shared any information on what it might be like to wear the buttons – how it might feel and the conversations that could arise. If you’re going to start wearing your Black Lives Matter button regularly, remember that you may face questions, comments and possibly even criticisms. You may also become more aware of a range of feelings and opinions […]

“Defying the pain of violence with mutual support”

by Rev. David A. Miller. Many of you told me yesterday’s pastoral prayer resonated with you, so I’m sharing it with you again today: “As we gather together this morning we cannot help but wonder how many tragic events we can fit into our lives? As we travel our spiritual paths looking for answers to questions of meaning, we cannot help but question how many tragedies have to happen before we just become numb? As we use our reason to come to some kind of understanding of Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Syria and other places of conflict, loss and crisis, we cannot help but ponder: What is the difference between resilience […]

“Board Works” blog

“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.” – Vance Havner How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow to which I am committed? This is a big question. It speaks to what is most important. It speaks to how one sets priorities, even when there are dozens of things screaming for our attention. Without a clear sense of calling and focus, an organization will never reach its potential. And, being a large and healthy UU congregation, we have a lot of potential. Within the framework of the UUCF’s […]