“Digging out and moving forward”

by Rev. David A. Miller. It is an unusual thing to have time off knowing that almost everyone else also has time off and there really isn’t that much to be done about it. That was the way it felt sitting at home for the past couple of days. The world doesn’t stop, but it does seem that the part of the world I live in was relegated to social media, due to the 4-5 foot snowdrifts in my driveway. On most days however, the demands of the world are hard to ignore, especially at UUCF, a congregation that prides itself on active participation in the world. Here are some […]

Linda Kozloff

Congregational Treasure. Jan. 18, 2016. Sometimes the caring and compassion that takes place at UUCF happens quietly and with great planning. For four years, Linda Kozloff was on the Pastoral Care team and chaired it for two of those years. In both roles, she was a loving, compassionate and organized presence. Linda led the group through some of the most difficult times in our congregation and worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for UUCF members to feel supported and loved. She also provided support and guidance to the Pastoral Care team who benefited greatly from her experience on the team and her calm and matter-of-fact style. Linda has also volunteered at […]

“Thirty Days of Love: A Call to Action for Faith, Race and Justice”

by Rev. David A. Miller and Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. “All – everything that I understand – I understand only because I love.” – Leo Tolstoy Things may start to get a little messy at UUCF in the coming month. Messy as only talk of race and prejudice and privilege can be. But that mess will be lifted up with love. Love for our neighbors and for each other as we walk together toward listening, talking, challenging, understanding and changing to be better. From Jan. 16-Feb. 14, UUCF will embark on “Thirty Days of Love: A Call to Action for Faith, Race and Justice.” This is part of Standing on the […]