From Your Associate Minister

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. Dear UUCF family, I want to say thank you. Thank you for all the care and compassion you have shown me since my mom’s death earlier this month. I have been so touched by the many cards and notes you’ve sent, the way you have reached out to me in meetings and at coffee hour on Sundays, the many-faceted kindness that is woven deep into the DNA of this congregation. Many of you have asked how I’m doing. Of course I’m sad and I will always miss my mom. But I’m doing OK. I do feel sustained by so many blessings even in this tough time. […]

The Work of Membership … Part of March Madness?

by John Kun, Lay Minister for Membership & Outreach During this time of year, it’s difficult to extricate myself from the TV screens. The wonderful NCAA basketball tournament takes hold of me. Everyone, college basketball teams and their alumni, have a chance to become the big winner. It’s fairly similar to the historic lottery that took place this past January when several winners shared a $1.5 jackpot … every ticket buyer had a chance to win! These types of events always bring a smile to my face. In the Powerball situation when a winner was determined to be from Chino Hills, CA, people gathered at a local retail store to […]

Now, More Than Ever, We Are Called

Mar. 14, 2016. by Peter Krone, chair, 2016 UUCF Annual Giving Campaign. I have been at UUCF for just over 30 years and have worked on many giving campaigns – pledge drives, canvasses, annual giving and capital fundraising efforts and I have been asked WHY – why take on the task of chairing this year’s campaign? I think the answer came to me in our deliberations about this year’s theme – “Now, more than ever, we are called”: We are called to be a presence in this community – to keep our doors open so that we may welcome the stranger, the visitor – remembering that at some time, we […]

Nathan Graham

Congregational Treasure. Mar. 7, 2016. Nathan Graham is a high school senior in the UUCF Youth program who has been making a big impact in the wider UU world. A natural leader with a big heart, whose commitment to inclusivity serves as an inspiration to youth and adults alike, he has served Unitarian Universalism in multiple, significant ways. He has served at the district level as a worship coordinator for youth cons and currently serves on the Con Rebuilding and Visionary Team. He has been active in planning district and regional youth events, serving as both worship leader and chaplain. He is newly elected to the temporary Con Planning Committee. […]

Supporting the Youth With Love and Compassion

by Courtney Firth. It’s March. That means I have been working at UUCF for almost 6 months. Many of you have seen me; many more of you I have yet to meet. Either way, I’m sure you have felt the impact of the youth I am privileged to serve as youth ministry coordinator. My job here is fairly simple: Make sure the youth in grades 7-12 have a great time learning about being UUs as well as their sexuality, finding their spiritual paths and living healthy, open and loving relationships with each other and with the UUCF community. Wow! That really doesn’t sound simple, does it? Except it is, because […]