Reflections on Possibilities

by Rev. David A. Miller. One year ago tomorrow, UUCF voted to call me as your senior minister. I remember that day well, waiting in the office and then having Nigel Astell come to inform us of the vote. It was a glorious day, and it has been an amazing year. The beginning of any ministry is pregnant with possibilities. In fact, it is all possibilities, because we haven’t spent time together in day-to-day life. Once we start to work with each other, just like in any relationship, there are moments of joy and sorrow, frustration and compromise, vulnerability and exploration and everything else that comes with life. We travel a path that […]

Summer worship volunteers needed

We need volunteers to welcome visitors and usher during our summer worship services and to help with coffee and sell fair-trade items after the services. Even if you can only help once or twice, sign up here or in the Commons after services or contact Mary Foster. It’s fun and easy, and if you’re trying it for the first time, Mary is happy to help you get started. Thanks for helping make summer worship run smoothly.

The Fierce Urgency of Revolutionary Love

by Rev. David A. Miller. It’s hard to know what to write after being at a conference for 3 days that feels like it is dealing with the most urgent topics in a world so badly needing revolutionary love … but this is the way it feels this weekend in New York City. I write this at the closing of The Middle Project’s 2016 conference Revolutionary Love: Tools, Tactics and Truth-telling to Dismantle Racism. It was hard to listen to the stellar leaders, activists and strugglers in the work of human equality and dignity and not think that this is the central calling of our time – the struggle to dismantle […]

All That We Have

As we end our annual pledge drive and UUCF begins to prioritize its annual budget for the next congregational year, the board wanted to reinforce the words I offered a week ago Sunday: We give all that we have to something. Every ounce of energy, every spark of talent that you possess – great or small – and everything you will ever own (physically and metaphorically) will be given to something over your lifetime. What matters most? What impact do you want to have in the world? And when you find a place that can help you realize that, how far should you go to help it? I, like so […]

We Can’t Stop Now

by Barb Brehm for Equality UUCF. It was a great day last Jun. 26 when the US Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a fundamental right to which same-sex couples should have the same access as opposite-sex couples. This ruling made access to marriage a nationwide right for gay and straight people alike. But we can’t stop now! If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve seen that many states are considering and even passing legislation limiting equal access to services and support for LGBTQ marriages. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed the “Religious Liberty Accommodations Act” that allows individuals and organizations to deny services to LGBTQ people. North Carolina Governor […]

Thank you notes from scholarship recipients

Posted Apr. 6, 2016. During the Martin Luther King, Jr., Weekend of Service, the Partner Church Circle sponsored a letter-writing table. Members of the congregation wrote letters to Szentgerice high school students who received Partner Church scholarships. To see some of the responses we received (in English!), click here. To see the note from Adrien Evelin, click here. To see the note from Ferenc Zsolt, click here. To see the note from Nagy Anita, click here. To see the note from Szocs Raymond, click here. For more information, please contact Betsy Bicknell.

From Burden to Joy

by Don Reagan, UUCF Generosity Team Vice Chair. “If generosity can be considered a spiritual discipline, then my belief in, and practice of, that discipline will move me into an ever-expanding feeling of abundance.” Last fall, the UUCF Board of Directors announced the creation of the Generosity Team. This team is tasked with creating a more comprehensive and strategic approach to financial planning and stewardship at UUCF. Our team is now working on that task. One important element of our work is promoting the practice of generosity as a spiritual discipline. This is especially significant during our Annual Giving Campaign, as each of us attempts to discern our level of commitment […]