Transformation That Comes Through Acts of Love and Justice

by Rev. David A. Miller. There are members and friends of this congregation from all living generations. There are people in this congregation who suffered from the violence of war, the violence of racism, the violence of political upheaval, the violence of terrorism and many other forms of violence. They are all heartbreaking. It seems we are going through a period of time where violence is finding new ways to harm hearts, minds and bodies. And perhaps the biggest threat is its potential to give rise to the fear, reaction and othering that tear at the fabric of human relationships. In this congregation we have members, friends and family who […]

Stepping Out of the Feed

by Rev. David A. Miller I just returned to Virginia from Chicago, where my family gathered to celebrate my parents’ 65th wedding anniversary and collectively struggled with whether we have finally reached the time for my father to stay on the memory care floor. It has been a long, slow decline. He can absolutely still converse and is very social, but the confusion of daily life is increasing. It is inevitable, but it is a challenging call to make, especially with the thoughts and feelings of spouse, children and in-laws in the mix. I made this trip in a particularly difficult week for the world. After a wonderful and challenging year, […]

Plans for Tomorrow … and Beyond

by Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. Jul. 9, 2016. Dear UUCF family, What a difficult, sad week we have been witness to in the world. I know you join me in mourning the senseless deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile, gunned down this week by police officers. And then the news on Thursday night of five officers in Dallas, killed by a sniper during a peaceful Black Lives Matter event. So much sorrow. So much fear and vulnerability. So much trauma. We seek to hold it all in compassion, even as we continue to work for justice. Community is never more important than at times like these. If you need a […]

No Sleep During This Revolution

by Linnea Nelson, Director of Religious Exploration. Last week’s 55th General Assembly (GA) of Unitarian Universalists in Columbus, OH, included people from around the world – 4,000 UUs gathered to hear the message that we must all love fiercely if we are to combat the hatred in this world. For the 30 of us from UUCF who attended GA, we were called to awaken and transform ourselves and our congregations to combat the rampant racism and white privilege plaguing our world … and our congregations. To me, the message was clear that personal and congregational transformation must be at the heart of this work. Krista Tippett, the host of NPR’s “Interfaith Voices,” gave the Saturday night Ware […]