UU Leadership Classes online

Variety of times and leaders. Go to uuinstitute.org to learn more and register. Contact Susan Bennett to find out what classes other UUCFers are taking. Transform yourself and your congregation to ensure that liberal religious values will have more impact in the world. Deepen your faith, connect with other UU leaders and grow your congregation. Online seminars, on-demand resources, peer learning groups and local in-person communities of practice will help you lead more effectively while building relationships and partnerships with other UUs – locally and nationally. Join other UUCF members and friends in these online learning opportunities led by Unitarian Universalist Association regional staff and other experts. Most classes cost $20. […]

Living Consciously

Mon., Jun. 12, 7:30-9 p.m., Prog. Bldg. (May 15 class canceled. Check back for schedule updates.) Led by Zim Putney. Email ap@uucf.org to register. Join a supportive community in a practical spiritual journey, opening the path to loving connections, peace, joy and success that comes from learning to hear and follow the voice of our inner resources: our intelligence, emotions, feelings and values. We will read and reflect on the teachings of clear, profound spiritual voices.

Making UUCF’s “Paris Pledge”

by Dave Anderson. Like many of us, I was impressed (and depressed!) by the climate change information in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” when it came out 10 years ago. The film hit me on an intellectual level, but not emotionally in the gut. However, after reading some of Catholic theologian Thomas Berry’s deeply spiritual writing about the sacredness of the earth and all life forms, I felt moved to do something, to try to make a difference in my personal life and, if possible, in the larger sphere. Last year, I started attending the meetings of the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions-UUCF group (recently renamed the UUCF Climate Action […]

Courage in action creates hope

I watched the Ken Burns documentary “Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War” on PBS Tuesday night. From the earliest age, growing up Jewish near Skokie, IL, a place with the highest population of Holocaust survivors anywhere besides Israel, I was aware of anti-immigrant prejudice and political fascism and recognized that some lives were valued more than others. I have come to believe that history doesn’t repeat itself; we must continuously fight the forces in us and around us that threaten to overtake the world with the worst, instead of the best, of humanity. We are in another one of those times. The irony of watching this documentary is that now […]

Our Future Is Within Reach

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller and UUCF Generosity Team Co-Chair Deborah Boehm-Davis Four years ago this congregation looked boldly ahead. Our Board of Directors and other leaders envisioned a UUCF for the future. A UUCF that welcomed people with a beautiful, safe and accessible campus. A UUCF with technology and an infrastructure that could present our transformational messages to each other and to the broader community. A UUCF that is financially stable. A UUCF that is environmentally responsible. A UUCF able to bring its social justice mission to fruition. Our leaders laid out a campaign to move UUCF forward into that vision. That campaign was called Reach. Unlike […]

Excitement for a New Year Together

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. As we return to UUCF for the new congregational year, it has been a hot summer with so much going on in the world. I am looking forward to a wonderful year here at UUCF. I am so excited about having a year under our belts together and being the minister of a congregation with such an incredible history and filled with such amazing possibilities. Through July and August, much goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the start of the congregational year. There have been planning retreats with ministers, staff and lay leaders. Groups like the Social Justice Council, the Worship […]

Racial Justice Book Group

Sun., Jun. 4, 4-6 p.m., Prog. Bldg. “The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, Fusion Politics and the Rise of the New Justice Movement” by William J. Barber II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. Facilitator: Mary Frances Kordick. Even if you haven’t completed the book, you are welcome to listen to the discussion. Please RSVP by emailing ap@uucf.org by Fri., Jun. 2, at 12 p.m.