Go Gently, My Friends

by Rev. David A. Miller. As we enter the uncharted waters of this post-election world – with so many uncertainties that can lead to stress and anxiety – I feel it’s important for us to be gentle with each other. Frustration with the status of the world may lead to frustration in our personal or communal lives that may not look like a reaction, but could have its roots in deeper fear and anxiety. It is also an especially important time for us to be loving and welcoming at UUCF. We are a people of many preferences and opinions. There is no way for everyone to have things exactly as […]

YAC cookie baking

Sun., Dec. 17, 2-6 p.m., Sanctuary Kitchen and Commons. Please bring prepared cookie dough, frosting and any desired decorations. Sign up here. Contact Courtney Firth. Youth-Adult Committee (YAC) youth will make and decorate sugar cookies. As in past years, fabulous Dollar Tree prizes will be awarded to the best decorated cookie in each of five categories, plus whatever additional categories the teens come up with. Come for all or part of the event, bring friends and a festive spirit. No pizza this year, so bring snacks (especially vegetables) to share.  

A Movement for the Soul of a Nation

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. I am struggling as much as anyone to put into perspective the ramifications of the election and its aftermath. Last night, I took a moment to watch an old episode of “Band of Brothers,” the one where they discover the concentration camp. It is a heart-wrenching episode, and it made me think about some of the speculation around the ramifications of this election. I’m hearing everything from “give them a chance” to “this is the end of the world as we know it.” I know we will continue to process this. I also know that the world has seen and survived ideologies of […]

Where Now?

A post-election sermon by Senior Minister Rev. David A Miller. Nov. 13, 2016. “The main battlefield for good is not the open ground of the public arena but the small clearing of each heart.” – Yann Martel This has been a distressing election season, to say the least. In preparing for the end of it, we planned a healing service last Wednesday. In planning that service, I thought of two things: No matter how it turns out, there will be a broken America, and even though we are often overtaken by waves of media-driven rhetoric, we must find ways past it because we end up having to live in communities […]

Investing in UUCF’s future

by Dave Wiemer, Generosity Team member. Like many of you, I am still struggling to process the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. In discussing the outcome with our children, my wife, Heather, and I assured them that they were safe and loved. We assured them that we would fight injustice and find ways to serve the most vulnerable members of our community. We promised them that as a family we would stand on the side of love. A few days removed from that conversation, I continue to find reassurance knowing that I belong to a faith community that shares my values. UUCF is a place where my family and I […]