Mosaic Harmony goes to Rome

More than 20 members of Mosaic Harmony, the interfaith, interracial gospel choir co-founded 25 years ago by UUCF and Vienna Baptist Church, travel to Rome this week to participate in the Peace and Brotherhood International Choral Festival. The four-day festival begins with a performance at a refugee center. Mosaic Harmony will perform with choirs from Italy, the U.S. and elsewhere.

Volunteers removed wax from Sanctuary chairs

Nine volunteers removed wax from the Sanctuary chairs on Mar. 11. It was tedious work but we are proud of the result. Helpers were: Jan Bohall, Molly Dias, Cathy Downs, Judy Gallimore, Jan Hettenhouser, Shari MacFarlane and friend Reza Mansourri, Kristin Moyer and Zeena Zeidberg. Thank you!  

“Tickling Giants” screening

Sat., Apr. 1, 7 p.m., Sanctuary. Questions? Contact Laura Weiss. Cost: $10/person. Tickets available here or in the Commons after services. Join us for a screening of “Tickling Giants,” a movie about how creativity can be used to confront power and oppression. The film profiles the hugely popular satire show “Al Bernameg” and its host Bassem Youssef, the “Egyptian John Stewart.” This is a screening of a not-yet-released film by a producer of “The Daily Show.”

Awkward Moments

by Associate Minister Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. Today my niece turns 13. She is so excited to be a teenager at last! She’s been a tween for a long time, and she is no stranger to middle school drama. But for a couple of years now, Grace and I have been practicing how to handle the drama as we bond over a funny-serious card game called “Awkward Moment.” The game, designed for middle schoolers, is simple. There are two sets of cards: the “Moments” deck and the “Reactions” deck. Each player gets a bunch of “Reactions” cards to play. We turn over the “Moments” cards one at a time, and each […]


Date: Sun., Apr. 2, 9:15 & 11:15 a.m., Sanctuary. Leader: Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. Music: UUCF Chorale, Merry Makers. Religious Exploration: RE in session for age 2 through Grade 12. Kindergarten-Grade 6 begin in the Sanctuary for Together Time. Grade 1 OWL and Grade 5 OWL begin in classrooms. Preschool, Middle School and High School classes begin and end in classrooms. Child care for infants to age 3 available in the Sanctuary Nursery.      

A Risky Faith

by Intern Minister McKinley Sims. When my brother and I were little, he got a full-size trampoline for his birthday. It was an incredible day. We promptly spent the night on the trampoline, sleeping in denim blankets under the stars. We spent every day of that first summer (and most days of the summers to follow) bouncing and rolling on that trampoline. We came up with elaborate games and stories we’d act out, spray each other with Super Soakers, and work to understand the laws of physics that allowed us both to body-slam the trampoline at the same time, causing a certain Stretch Armstrong doll to fly onto the roof […]