UUCF Ministers Address Controversy at the UUA

A letter from Rev. David A. Miller, Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig and Intern Minister McKinley Sims. Today, as a result of a series of events within our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), Peter Morales resigned as president of the UUA. We want to share with you our best understanding of what led to this decision, and to reassure you of our collective commitment to continue the work of love and justice that is at the core of our faith. Last week it was announced that a new regional lead for the Southern Region of the UUA’s Congregation Life staff was hired. The successful candidate was a white man. News spread quickly on […]

A Risky Faith

Mar. 30, 2017. by Intern Minister McKinley Sims. When my brother and I were little, he got a full-size trampoline for his birthday. It was an incredible day. We promptly spent the night on the trampoline, sleeping in denim blankets under the stars. We spent every day of that first summer (and most days of the summers to follow) bouncing and rolling on that trampoline. We came up with elaborate games and stories we’d act out, spray each other with Super Soakers, and work to understand the laws of physics that allowed us both to body-slam the trampoline at the same time, causing a certain Stretch Armstrong doll to fly […]