Federal employees meeting

Mon., Jun. 26, 7:30-9 p.m., Prog. Bldg. Contact Rama Kotra. This is a continuation of the first gathering in January to explore how we wish to continue to share news, hopes, questions, etc. at this time of change. All federal employees are welcome.

RE has a great volunteer opportunity for you

Contact Linnea Nelson, Courtney Firth (youth) or an RE Committee member. Teams will meet over the summer to review the curriculum, learn about our program and meet the other team members. Sign up here to take on a role in RE or here to be a greeter. Important: Our program is a cooperative program and each parent or caregiver teaches or greets at least once every 3 years. You will be on a team and you will be in the classroom only 2-3 times a month! This year our most critical needs are in the 11:15 a.m. classes. We need adults who do not have children in the program to […]

Mosaic Harmony goes to Rome

More than 20 members of Mosaic Harmony, the interfaith, interracial gospel choir co-founded 25 years ago by UUCF and Vienna Baptist Church, travel to Rome this week to participate in the Peace and Brotherhood International Choral Festival. The four-day festival begins with a performance at a refugee center. Mosaic Harmony will perform with choirs from Italy, the U.S. and elsewhere.

Awkward Moments

by Associate Minister Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig. Today my niece turns 13. She is so excited to be a teenager at last! She’s been a tween for a long time, and she is no stranger to middle school drama. But for a couple of years now, Grace and I have been practicing how to handle the drama as we bond over a funny-serious card game called “Awkward Moment.” The game, designed for middle schoolers, is simple. There are two sets of cards: the “Moments” deck and the “Reactions” deck. Each player gets a bunch of “Reactions” cards to play. We turn over the “Moments” cards one at a time, and each […]

Second Chance Auction

Questions? Contact auction@uucf.org. Are you ready to snap up a deal on a seat at a dinner, a fun class or professional service? Check out our Second Chance Auction. This time you can be a bold Buy-It-Now Bidder. This is a different website from the one that ran the Online Auction, so you may need to create a login. If you received an email on Auction night, use that email address. Thanks for making the Auction a success!

Staying Grounded in the Storm

by Lay Minister for Worship and Arts Susan Bennett. In turbulent times like the ones we find ourselves in the midst of now, it can seem almost impossible to stay balanced and centered. Perhaps like me, you find yourself feeling alternately sad, frightened, angry and confused about where to best put your energies. So many emails, so many tweets, so many requests for your time, attention and resources. I find that I’m asking myself every day: “How can I best serve the values I hold dear and also maintain some level of equilibrium?” I return again and again to spiritual practice. It keeps me grounded and gives me hope. Spiritual […]