Why Should We?

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. Apr. 23, 2017. I’m not sure when I came to think of reflection as a vital religious concept, but at some point in my formation as a Unitarian Universalist I did. There are lots of different ways to reflect. We can think back about our early days of things like family and school. We can spend time reflecting on our careers or decisions we have made about them. As I said, there are all different ways to reflect in the world, so it has taken me a while to understand the the importance of reflection in our spiritual lives. But I think I […]

2019 Annual Meeting

Sun., Jun. 2, immediately after the 10 a.m. worship service, Sanctuary. Child care available. UUCF members will vote on the slate of nominees for the Board of Directors and the Endowment Fund and Nominating committees, the 2019-20 budget, the UUCF Covenant of Right Relations and a proposal to fund a part-time social justice coordinator with Reach capital campaign funds at the 2019 Annual Meeting. In addition to reports from the current and incoming board presidents, Congregational awards for volunteerism, long-term dedication and Religious Exploration will be presented.    

Sanctuary – What Does It Mean?

by Wini Atlas, Lay Minister for Social Justice. To most of us at UUCF, the Sanctuary is where we hold worship services and other events. We also understand sanctuary as a place of refuge for humans and wildlife. Sanctuary is an old concept going back to a Saxon king in the 4th and 5th centuries BCE who promulgated laws of the right of asylum. Sanctuary had legal standing in England until the 17th Century, during which authorities were prevented from taking even criminals from churches. The process, though still recognized in modern times, no longer has the force of law. Yet, we are familiar with political asylum, which must be […]

Re-emerging Into the Sunlight of Transformation

by Intern Minister McKinley Sims. So … Easter. The most important holiday in the Christian church year, usually corresponding to the Jewish festival week of Pesach/Passover, celebrates the story of Jesus of Nazareth’s miraculous resurrection three days after a horrific public execution. The words of the Christian Scriptures illustrate how a group of women went to the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea to care for the body of their dead rabbi, only to find that the tomb was empty and the body was gone. Later, Jesus’ disciples claimed to have seen a resurrected Jesus, walking and talking, even eating food! If that’s not transformation, I don’t know what is. So […]

Coming Together in Response to Hate and Fear

Apr. 12, 2017. Dear UUCF, By now you may have heard about the ugly events of this past Tuesday: the Jewish Community Center and the Little River United Church of Christ, both in Annandale, were defaced with incredibly disturbing hate speech. This is part of an alarming increase in vandalism toward Jewish and other communities. We have been trying to understand if there are any lessons in this. What we have come to is that people are being targeted just for who they are and believing in a more loving, equal and just world. The Jewish community has been a specific target of hate groups for a very long time. […]

Words of Transformation for Our Faith

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. When I was young, I remember going to the synagogue with my dad in Skokie, IL, where after services sometimes we would have lox and bagels and chocolate milk. It was a wonderful ritual. Skokie was a white Jewish enclave where my temple was located but I lived in the Evanston school district and grew up and went to high school with people from many faiths, many cultures and many racial and ethnic backgrounds. We didn’t use words like “white privilege” or “white supremacy” but we did work on concepts like race relations, diversity and equality. After the end of the baby boom […]