SR&R – Feb. 25

Science, Reason & Religion. Einstein’s Breadcrumbs with Dr. Albert Nekimken. Sun., Feb. 25, 12:30-2 p.m., Sanctuary. Meets most Sundays October through May. Open to the public. Contact Don Yacoe. Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity (STR), published in 1905, established the idea that we exist not in time but in “spacetime,” because time and space are relative and not absolutes. Furthermore, we live driven ever forward by the arrow of time – even though we now know that, in the vast universe around us, the rate at which time flows (at least from our perspective) can change. We now know that, in the universe as a whole, there is no “now.” […]

Two ways to build up our reservoirs

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. “Church is a place where you get to practice what it means to be human.” – Rev. James Luther Adams What helps each of us stay whole and holy in these extremely challenging times? After week upon week of incivility and a seemingly endless flow of assaults on decency and kindness, how do we build up our reservoirs of hope, gratitude and compassion? Some of us crave spiritual grounding, nurturing and respite. Others may want to be moved to action – literally and metaphorically – through more lively interaction. While no one UUCF worship service can be all things to all people, we […]