Season of Light

Dec. 18, 2017. By Lay Minister for Membership and Outreach Shannon Williams. UUCF rang in seven new members at the exuberant ritual following the Joy Service earlier this month. This gives us one more reason to celebrate in a season already packed with celebration. It also gives me a chance to reflect on our congregation’s many members and friends, and the variety of ways we experience our faith journeys this time of year. The days grow shorter still. All around, twinkling lights frame homes and shops, even our own glittering Sanctuary. December radiates holiday cheer, but not all of us feel warmed by the light. Some of us may instead […]

How Do You Stay Hopeful?

Dec. 11, 2017. By Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker. Someone recently asked me how I stay hopeful about our society when it appears “things are tanking.” I believe we have the capacity to plant love, with every breath, even – and poignantly – amid heartache. I hope the love we plant will be enough to soften a clenched heart and make it weep. And ultimately, I hope because being hopeful is not a sentiment, it is a choice. I have hope because I chose to hold on to it. Sometimes it is defiant hope. Note, however, that hope is not the same as optimism. We humans are capable of heart-shattering depravity. […]

Facing Individualism and Fear With Collectivism and Love

Dec. 4, 2017. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. While my first degree is in political science, I am no tax expert. And granted, there are smarter people in this world analyzing today’s political situations. But here is what I am observing about the tax bill passed by the Senate early Saturday morning: This is a battle of rampant individualism versus communitarianism. The tax plan is in part a method of stripping away the economic support of collectivism and further eroding the belief that government can help lift up all of us. It will be used in the future to sanctify program cuts that have tried to address systemic […]