Ordination helpers needed

Sun., Mar. 11, 4 p.m., Sanctuary. The Ordination Committee is seeking volunteers to help Sarah Caine’s ordination run smoothly. If you are able to help with setup, traffic control, ushering or cleanup, contact Linda Zack. If you’d like to help with food and drinks for the reception potluck following the ordination, sign up here.

Intent vs. Impact: Resolutions for a New Year

Jan. 7, 2018. by Rev. David A. Miller. When I first came to Unitarian Universalism, I heard the phrase “assume good intentions.” Assuming good intentions was something that I hadn’t thought much about through my life. I guess I went through the early part of life having grown up in the political shadow of Chicago, and having been around as a youngster in the ‘60s and ‘70s, I didn’t always assume good intentions. You know, “don’t trust anyone over 30,” they used to say. So I didn’t always assume good intentions, but I have always hoped for the best. At this stage of my life, I do try to assume […]

Mau a Malawi: Stories of AIDS performance

Sun., Feb. 25, 3 p.m., Sanctuary. All ages welcome. Buy tickets: General, $15; seniors, $12; families, families of three or more $30 max. Peter Mawanga is one of Malawi’s most well-known musical ambassadors. Andrew “Finn the Fiddler” Magill has carved out a name for himself in Irish, American and Brazilian music. In 2009, Magill received a Fulbright-MtvU Fellowship to co-write and co-produce an album with Mawanga that musically captures 10 experiences of HIV/AIDS through song in Malawi, Southern Africa. Mau a Malawi has been a platform for years of musical collaboration between the two artists who now tour blending the traditional sounds of their native continents in exciting original music.

Bystander Intervention Training

Sun., Feb. 25, 2-4 p.m., Social Hall. Open to teens and adults. Space is limited. Please RSVP to Karen Wolf. Suggested donation: $10/person. The Racial Justice Steering Committee will host CASS (Collective Action for Safe Spaces) for Bystander Intervention Training, which will focus on interrupting acts of racism and other oppressions, and being an effective ally in the moment.

Hot Meals volunteer list

To join the UUCF Hot Meals volunteer list, contact co-chair Scott Lundgren, 703-789-2412. Click here for opportunities during the Feb. 24-25 Hot Meals weekend. UUCF youth and adult volunteers donate, prepare and deliver 60-80 hot breakfasts to homeless FACETS clients on a bimonthly basis.

Sexuality Education Is for Our Whole Lives

Jan. 29, 2018. By Interim Director of Religious Exploration Diana Tycer. I remember the first time I heard about the Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education program offered by UUCF. It was at the Fall Adult Retreat when I was mingling in the dining room after dinner, chatting with a longtime UUCF member. Upon learning that I had an adolescent son, she asked if I was going to enroll him in OWL. My response, no doubt like many new to UUCF, was a blank look and the question, “What’s OWL?” And as I listened to the response, I was both excited and surprised that such a course was offered to […]

Afro Blue concert

Sun., Feb. 25, 4 p.m., All Souls Church Unitarian, 1500 Harvard St. NW, Washington, DC. Concert is free; a good will collection will be taken. A concert by Howard University’s premier vocal jazz ensemble and others from Howard’s Vocal Jazz Program celebrating the role of music in the civil rights era.      

Reflecting on the Past to Choose Our Future

Jan. 22, 2018. By Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker. These past few weeks, as I delved into UUCF’s history of racial justice for a class project, I kept hearing a dramatic story retold. A member famously stood up in a worship service and asked why we had done nothing about racial justice in 20 years. This was in the 90s. Listening to more stories of our history and combing through the archives, I began to wonder, is this a pattern? Are we stuck in some historical “repeat” where we take on racial justice work one year and then put it down? You will have to read on to find out. But […]