“We Provide Hope For Each Other”

Feb. 26, 2018. By Worship Coordinator and Director of Music & Arts Laura Weiss. When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine playing a concert alone on a stage. Like most classical pianists, I was urged to fall neatly in line for conservatory tracks and concert hall preparation. What bothered me wasn’t the pressure of performance, the practice regimen or hours of isolation with the piano, but the deafening roar in my heart that urged me to seek other ways of using my gifts in the world. I didn’t know what that meant, and I’m still discovering it, but my purpose becomes clearer when tragedy strikes again, as it did Feb. […]

Our Good Old Young Adult Group

Feb. 19, 2018. By Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker. Since beginning my internship in September, I have been inspired by our Young Adult Fellowship group. With a little organizing on my part, this group for 18- to 35-year-olds gathers regularly and in healthy numbers. Despite busy schedules from school, parenting young children and new careers, the young adults take part in monthly social time, show up for social justice activities, organize community service projects and delve into spiritual renewal. On top of all that, they also lead and serve on committees and task forces throughout the congregation. This group format is a new phenomenon at UUCF. In the early decades of […]

UUCF Program Update: Refugee Resettlement Project

Feb. 12, 2018. By Project Chair Ann King. Marzia told me, in her basic English, that she is so lucky to have our congregation in her life. The Refugee Resettlement Project began sponsoring Marzia in September 2016 when she and her two children arrived in the United States. Marzia is a widow from Afghanistan whose husband was killed by the Taliban. The family sought refugee status here after the Taliban threatened her 10-year-old son. They waited in Pakistan for 3 years. UUCF and the UU Congregation of Sterling (UUCS) have combined efforts to help the family resettle. From the outset it was clear that Marzia’s concern for her children was […]

On the Road to … Money Matters

Feb. 12, 2018. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller, Generosity Team Chair Dave Wiemer and Annual Giving Campaign Chair Meg Harrelson. At this year’s UUCF Board of Directors retreat, the board decided it was important to be as transparent as possible in discussing UUCF’s budget and resources with the congregation. The UUCF Generosity Team is also taking bold steps to be as transparent as possible in communicating how we give, the kind of financial support required and what our pledges support. In a step toward that transparency, this year’s Annual Giving Campaign theme is On The Road To … Money Matters. Let’s face it: Money is hard for congregations […]

Poetry Club

Sun., Jul. 14, 4-6 p.m., Prog. Bldg. Meets the second Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Contact Barb Dutchak. This open, drop-in group meets monthly for fellowship and conversation as we explore the meaning and artistry of poetry we share from our personal, wide-ranging reading. We value the depth and dimension that fine poetry brings to our lives. Though participants may occasionally share a personal work, this is not a writing workshop.

Driving Innovation for UUCF and Outreach to Young Adults

Feb. 5, 2018. By UUCF Innovation Fund grant co-recipient Betsy Bicknell. In a generous bequest, the late Stan Richards provided seed financing for innovative projects that expand UUCF’s outreach to those not now engaged in our congregation and/or Unitarian Universalism. Wendy Astell and I responded to this challenge, and in March 2017, the UUCF Board of Directors approved our proposal for a UUCF-sponsored off-campus community targeted to young adults (20s and 30s). The mission of this project is to help Northern Virginia young adults explore and live UU values and principles. Our vision is to provide activities and services for young adults who are looking for a spiritual home outside […]