Interfaith Dialogue: Maintaining Religious Identity in a New Culture

Sun., Mar. 25, 3-5 p.m., Sanctuary. Sponsored by the UUCF Muslim Liaison Group and the Rumi Forum. Register here. Questions? Contact Rod Paolini. Join small-table discussions of the complex issues of adapting to American society. The dialogue will focus on interfaith interaction with regard to belief systems. Conversations will be facilitated by representatives from UUCF and the Rumi Forum. Members of all religions and intersectional belief systems are welcome to attend.

April 8

Date: Sun., Apr. 8, 9:15 & 11:15 a.m., Sanctuary. Worship Leader: Rev. Betty Jo Middleton. Music: New Dominions. Religious Exploration: RE classes in session for age 2-Grade 6 and Grades 8-12. OWL for Grades 1 and 5 begins in their classrooms. Grade 5 OWL ends at 10:45 and 12:45, respectively. Preschool, Grade 8 and High School begin and end in class. Kindergarten and Grades 2 and 3 begin in the Chapel. Grades 4 and 6 begin in the Sanctuary. Child care to age 3 available in the Sanctuary Nursery.        

Only From Death Can Resurrection Come

Date: Sun., Apr. 1, 9:15 & 11:15 a.m., Sanctuary. Worship Leader: Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. Music: UUCF Community Chorale. Religious Exploration: RE Workshop: Easter Crafts and Egg Hunt. No OWL. Ages 2-5 are in the Preschool Pod. Grades 1-12 start in the Sanctuary for Together Time. After Together Time, Kindergarten-Grade 6 will attend RE Workshop in the Chapel. Middle School will hide eggs. High School will make egg salad sandwiches. Child care to age 3 available in the Sanctuary Nursery.        

Taking a Break From “Doing” to Focus on “Being”

Mar. 12, 2018. By Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine. My first blog as Rev. Sarah Caine! It’s still sinking in that I have made it to this honorific. Thank you all for making it possible. The power to grant this title rests with the congregation, and you inspire and humble me with your votes of confidence. I hope I serve you and this calling well. Part of the training to become a UU minister is doing at least one unit of clinical pastoral education (CPE). This means 3 months usually working in a hospital (there are some programs in hospice or working with marginalized communities) as a chaplain. There is […]