UUCF Refugee Resettlement Project

Congregational Treasures. Apr. 9, 2018. When UUCF contemplated sponsoring a refugee family in 2016, a large group of eager congregants came to the first meeting knowing only that they wanted to help a family fleeing violence get settled and assimilate successfully in the U.S. About 15 UUCFers and many from our partners at UU Sterling came together to review the refugee sponsorship options offered by Lutheran Social Services. The group reviewed information on how much money should be raised and all the different teams needed to support the family in its first year, including apartment rentals, food, transportation and English instruction. The UUCF/UUCS team, of course, chose the most challenging […]

Trust the Process

Apr. 9, 2018. By Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker. I am delighted to share with you that on Mar. 24, the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association welcomed me into preliminary fellowship as a UU minister (I still have to complete my internship and graduate from Meadville Lombard to finalize this). This means that I am cleared to enter search this fall and to find a congregation to serve as minister beginning in August 2019. Being granted this status also clears me for ordination, and I am exploring ordination possibilities for spring 2019 once I am approved for graduation. I will continue to serve UUCF as your intern next […]