Share the Plate

The Share the Plate recipient for September is Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, which enables people of all ages in the DC region who are blind or visually impaired to remain independent, active and productive in society.

“If We Agree in Love …”

May 28, 2018. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. For those of us who work in congregations, this time of the year is the home stretch before a little time off. I guess it isn’t that much different from those who work in schools or other businesses that are on a similar calendar. Including the 2 years of my internship, I am now completing my 12th year in parish ministry and each year has certain similarities and each year is incredibly unique. This year has been no different. Through the years, congregational life can’t help but be affected by life as we all live it. Whether joy or grief, […]

Truth From Meaning

May 21, 2018. By Director of Music & Arts and Worship Coordinator Laura Weiss. This blog is for adult eyes only. No kids allowed! Yes. I still believe in Santa. I remember standing in the kitchen as a little girl when my baby sister and I started discussing the coming holiday. I said something about the big guy in red and she blurted out, “You know he’s not real, right?” Total devastation. Followed by complete denial. I have never had the courage to ask my mother to confirm or deny my sister’s accusation, and my mother (of this I am sure she is grateful) never offered an explanation. To this […]

Barb Dutchak

Congregational Treasure. May 21, 2018. “In our gardens, we learn the deepest of spiritual lessons.” – Barbara Davenport, “Everyday Spiritual Practice” Barb Dutchak loves to garden. In the long winter months, she plans and maps. As the darkness recedes, she clears away winter’s debris and prepares the ground. Sowing, watering and deadheading throughout spring and summer, she watches in wonder as blossoms open and leaves unfurl. Autumn is for putting her plants to bed with the hope that some will overwinter and return again when the ground thaws. A gardener to the core, Barb has a gift for making things bloom. Her green thumb works its magic well beyond one […]

The Long Road to Military Chaplaincy

May 14, 2018. By Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine. I’m no longer a civilian. Yesterday I was commissioned as a U.S. Army chaplain. Part of me thought this day would never come. I’ve spent 5 years re-submitting forms to the Army and amid that had a brief stint submitting forms to the Navy to see if they would get me in faster. I started applying for the Chaplain Candidate Program in 2013, shortly after I entered seminary. This program would have offered me training and pay without the obligations of serving after I finished school, though service would have been highly encouraged. In preparation for writing this blog, I looked […]

Village Life Festival

Sat., Nov. 3, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sanctuary and Prog. Bldg. Family-friendly event. Fourteen members of UUCF’s partner congregation in Szentgerice, Romania, will visit UUCF Oct. 24-Nov.4, 2018. On Nov. 3, they’ll present a Hungarian Cultural Festival demonstrating and teaching traditional crafts, dance and cooking.