Embracing the Coming Year and Looking Beyond

Aug. 27, 2018. By Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine. It is nearly one year since I became the assistant minister for this beloved UUCF community. So much has happened in that time and I am grateful for it. I’ve been ordained, commissioned and had at least three different hair colors since then. We have amazing programming in the upcoming congregational year – classes and workshops, new and continuing Covenant Groups, new and continuing Wellspring groups and a new initiative to engage our spirits more intentionally and richly. This is a capable and kind group of folks and I’m excited to see what will take shape as our liturgical year unfolds. […]

A Well-Placed Pumpkin

Aug. 20, 2018. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. This past week, in jest, someone posted an article on my Facebook page about how people who decorate earlier for Christmas are happier people. Yes, there were lots of fun comments and cries of exasperation because I love decorating for autumn, and as soon as the holidays approach I try to get those decorations up as fast as possible. Although all of this was good fun, there is actually something behind my decorating desires. I love the colors of the fall as they break up the everyday backdrop of my life. I love the lights, colors and sounds of the […]

Creativity and Social Change

Aug. 13, 2018. By Worship Coordinator and Director of Music & Arts Laura Weiss. Last week, Susan Bennett shared with us how creativity fills her. I was thrilled to hear how creative work has become part of her spiritual practice and she has done this through her involvement at UUCF. Her words reminded me of the experiences of many congregants but also of others who I heard at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in June. This year at GA, I heard the phrase “What our movement needs is creativity” repeated many times. Whether from a minister or inspiring speaker, we heard that new creative solutions are what is needed […]

Raising Your Hand to Creativity

Aug. 6, 2018. By Lay Minister for Worship & Arts Susan Bennett. As they sometimes do, an experience in worship at UUCF has stayed with me. The Sanctuaries DC was leading worship last month and, in his opening words, Rev. Erik Martínez Resly asked how many of us thought of ourselves as artists? He was visibly pleased by the many hands that went up, remarking that usually only a few hands were raised and then he explained that creativity was the birthright of all. Whether we label ourselves artists or not, we all possess inherent creativity. Whether we create what we think of as art with a capital A, use […]