Dave Anderson

Congregational Treasure. Oct. 1, 2018. Longtime member Dave Anderson has been involved in myriad activities at UUCF. In addition to participating in Music & Arts programming, with Rebuilding Together and on the audiovisual team, in the past year or so Dave led UUCF’s search for an upgraded database. “He spent a lot of time working with the staff to establish what we needed and then found the systems that were available that best matched the needs of most of the staff,” said UUCF Administrative Coordinator Mary Foster. A committee of staff and volunteers, including Paula Prettyman, sifted through and evaluated the options and then selected Realm, an upgrade of ACS, […]

Creating a New Congregational Covenant

Oct. 1, 2018. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. Human communities have their challenges. UUCF is no exception. Even with the best of intentions, we can and have found ourselves in situations where we become unwilling to engage in respectful, sustained and ultimately productive dialogue that would bring us into what we call right relations – into the beloved community we so cherish in this congregation. These situations range from small, one-on-one misunderstandings to larger, more-public confrontations. Occasionally they have included threats of leaving the congregation when members feel their individual needs are being disrespected or not being met. Most of these situations end up with ministerial involvement, where […]