DRE Search Team update

Jan. 21, 2019. When former Director of Religious Exploration (DRE) Linnea Nelson left UUCF in late 2017, we contracted with Diana Tycer to serve as an interim director. Diana has served the children and youth of our congregation in that capacity ever since and we are grateful for all that she has done. Now the time has come for us to find a new DRE. Last fall a search team was constituted to do that. The DRE Search Team includes current and former RE teachers Darryl Branting, Laureen Branting, Meredith Carr and Tessa Grubb; youth Zachary Grubb and Samarra Pack; Board of Directors member Scott Kestner; Coordinating Team representative Peter […]

Assistant Minister Search Team update

Jan. 21, 2019. The Assistant Minister Search Team – made up of Susan Bennett, Mary Lareau, Mark Magee, Rev. David A. Miller, Anthony Salvi, Kathy Smerke Hochberg, Milver Valenzuela and chair Shannon Williams – has met regularly since early November. In consultation with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and other congregations, the committee developed a position description and posted it on the UUA jobs board on Jan. 1. We have received 10 applications for the position and have begun scheduling first-round interviews with the selected candidates. While we cannot relate details about the individuals on the list, we can say that we are excited about the qualities and experiences they […]

Annual Healing Service

Fri., Feb. 15, 7 p.m., Sanctuary. Please join the Pastoral Care Committee and the Worship Team for a healing service. This annual service, led by Pippin Whitaker, is an opportunity to carve out time and space to reflect on things that are weighing heavily – from personal loss to national and international events. Join us as we seek healing, find light and unite in our quest for wholeness. Everyone is invited to bring a reading to share that brings them peace and healing. Refreshments will follow the service Drop-in child care to age 5 will be available in the Sanctuary Nursery.