by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller.

As we turn the page on the year and look forward to the year to come, I again can’t help but think about what it was like for my parents when the icons of their lives started passing on – Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and so many others – these icons whose artistic gifts I gratefully had the privilege of experiencing in my younger years and continue to enjoy and appreciate. Now, the older I get, I understand that when the people who have helped us benchmark our lives die, we grieve on a variety of levels. These deaths are at times both tragic and they also speak to their place in the context of our lives. I know most of the words to the songs from “Singing in the Rain.” I remember vividly the experience of seeing “Star Wars” for the first time and I also think about how and when these things entered my life and what it means now that these people are gone.

This has been a year of extraordinary loss, along with the difficult and uncertain political situation we face. It feels like a great deal to incorporate into our lives and it all can’t help but contribute to our disequilibrium. There are no magic words that change any of this overnight, and 2017 could easily be as difficult or more difficult than 2016. I guess the point is that we who are here need to love and support each other, need to be there for each other and need to help each other cope through loss, grief, trouble or change, whatever the cause. There will certainly be dark days – there always are – but there will also be days filled with love and beauty, joy and magic. We ended the year with so much public loss, and yet, I continue to see things that give me hope, fill my spirit and motivate me to do my best to love the hell out of this world.

I say this with such hope that you and yours will have a Happy New Year, knowing there will be times when we will need each other. Let us live our lives this year with (as the sign in front of the congregation now says) “Courageous Love, Relentless Compassion and Radical Kindness.”

May that be so.