Jan. 8, 2018.

By Rev. David A. Miller.

Next week, Rich Sider, our director of administration, will retire to new things after 9 years with UUCF. Our gratitude for Rich’s administrative and general leadership through many years – transitions, joys and challenges – runs incredibly deep. His efforts have gone way beyond his job description to a level of deep caring for the people of UUCF, present and future. He leaves a legacy of capability and caring that will remain in our congregational systems for many years. We are also grateful to Rich’s family who supported his traveling back and forth to Harrisonburg for so many years.

We wish Rich safe travels on this next phase of his journey and will keep his health and fulfillment in our thoughts. Rich will be in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays this week and next to help complete the transition. Instead of a congregational celebration, Rich has asked that those so moved contact him personally to express their gratitude and good wishes. You may also email him or send notes to his home: 1966 Buttonwood Ct., Harrisonburg, VA 22802.

With Rich’s departure comes a new beginning, our relationship with incoming Director of Administration Jenice Jones-Porter. As Jenice learns the tasks and demands of this position, I hope you will reach out to get to know her as we support her in learning the job and putting her own stamp on it.

It is an important time in our world and in the life of our congregation. Our mission has never been more critical, our connection with each other more needed and our ministries more vital. Once again, a deep thanks to Rich for supporting this vital work and to Jenice as we now begin this journey together.