Mar. 19, 2018.

By your UUCF worship leaders*.

As we have traveled through the worship experience since last September, the Worship Team has considered the unprecedented and unique challenges facing our country, Unitarian Universalism and UUCF. We have experimented with modifications to worship with the hope of creating an experience that would be more inclusive, welcoming and spiritually nourishing to a wildly divergent group of members, friends and newcomers. This included differences in tone and music between the 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services. We solicited and received copious amounts of feedback about all aspects of worship including music, tone, interactive elements and Religious Exploration scheduling. Some of you were incredibly pleased with the opportunity to choose the service you wanted to attend on any given Sunday, and others found the changes troubling.

As we have incorporated your feedback and continued processing the important elements of worship in a changing and challenging landscape, we want to keep you informed of our progress. For now, and through the foreseeable future, the two services will not differ in tone or flow. To accommodate the abundant musical offerings of our congregation, musicians and music selections might not always be the same at both services, but the tone and energy level of the music will be consistent. As an example, the Community Chorale will usually not sing at both services on the same day. One week they will sing at only the first service and the next at the second. Other musicians will perform at the other service on those days. The intent of those planning worship is to offer meaningful worship at every service using the resources of the congregation and providing multiple opportunities for congregational participation in the music and worship programming.

Our worship services, in a congregation of diverse spiritual beliefs, experiences and needs, must vary in tone, musical choices, theology and content. Our hope continues to be that on the weeks you may not feel specifically fed, that you trust that others are. Holding space for others is one way we can live our Third Principle: “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.”

Thank you for the deep caring and feedback you continue to share with us. The Worship Team aspires to provide worship that challenges, inspires, calls for deep reflection and provides spiritual sustenance.

Please contact us with any thoughts or questions.

*Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller, Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine, Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker, Worship Coordinator and Director of Music and Arts Laura Weiss, Lay Minister for Worship and Arts Susan Bennett and Worship Team Chair David Addis