by Director of Music and Arts Laura Weiss.

What if someone were to film a documentary of your voice? Your voice would be the star of the show.

What if a producer were to tell your story based on the life of that voice? I wonder what we might hear; what might we see?

The film might begin with your first infant cry – then perhaps a close-up of your first words with mom or dad. Perhaps it might then pan out to your first sentences or first questions about the world.

Were you to show the documentary to your friends, you’d be joyous remembering certain moments as you watched – the first speech you gave in class, the first time you told your partner you loved them, the moment you asked someone to marry you, the songs you sang at a loved-one’s wedding.

And then there would be other scenes – times when your voice wounded another, demanded more and healed less, perhaps gossiped or lied. Perhaps you might empathize with characters and feel the heartache your voice caused.

Oh, the power of our voices. Leave that power unmanaged and it becomes a weapon – clawing for power. But speech can also be an instrument for good – a music ministry in its own right. Your voice is an instrument of grace; not just a tool for healing, but love speaking through you. You have the responsibility to play it well.

We are all ministering to one another all of the time. Your voice can reflect the sonorous connection to all humankind, spirit, God or the universe. It can serve as a tool through which the deepest parts of our emotions can be experienced.

So how will you use your voice? What songs will it sing?