Apr. 23, 2018.

By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller.

When you think about UUCF, I’m hoping what comes to mind first are things like love, community, spiritual nourishment, compassion, growth, family, justice and service.

I’m also hoping when we think of UUCF we have a growing understanding of what it takes to keep this place running, the incredible work of the staff, the voice of love, hope and justice that we have always valued so deeply, but especially in this last year.

When considering all of this, although it can be hard, the hope is we avoid thinking of money equaling votes for or against particular aspects of congregational life. As we make our pledges to the Annual Giving Campaign, have you thought, “I love this program, or minister, or group of friends, or RE class, so I think I’ll give my money this year”? Or, have you thought of your pledge as nourishment – a way of feeding this institution to sustain it? My hope is that we are all giving for the long-term sustainability of our values, our presence and our voice in this community.

Our pledges aren’t votes. Our money isn’t about our current state of comfort or discomfort. It is about the 63 years behind us and the 100 years in our future. It is about the children in our RE program growing up in an era with media images of our country’s leaders bending ethics and furthering oppression. It is about the people who visit every week searching for a community of love and inclusion in an increasingly lonely world. We will never be all things to all people, but we must be here and strong for the increasing moments of need for ourselves, each other and our community.

As our 2018 Annual Giving Campaign comes to a close, please support the past, present and future of this congregation – your fellow members, our children and members yet to come – by getting your pledges in as soon as possible. And please consider a 10% increase over last year if you are a continuing pledger or a generous pledge if this is your first time.

We are in a time of great spiritual need, and UUCF has been, is and can be here to address that need for years to come.