by Laurie Cunningham, Religious Exploration Committee co-chair.

I’ve always felt the best way to change the world is from the ground up. So often in life, we deal with people who have been constructed and shaped by others, without solid foundations. But as Religious Exploration teachers at UUCF, we have an amazing opportunity to effect change by strengthening the foundation of our children. In return, our own lives are fortified and remodeled.

By teaching RE, I have a chance to offer ideas, create space for serious and fun discussions, assist in relationship-building, and play! Each age classroom has a curriculum to follow, so I’ve got a road map I can use as is, or tweak if I need or want to. Teaching expands my understanding of our faith, and exposes me to ideas and stories I may not have heard before. I love working with and learning from my teaching team. We are a wealth of knowledge and ideas, and being involved with the RE program highlights that for me. Teaching stretches me in a good way, allowing me space to see possibilities, helping me consider ways to include everyone and giving me a really fun Sunday morning.

By far the best part of teaching RE is learning from the kids. Teaching allows me to see and hear firsthand what these amazing kids are thinking, understanding, processing and tackling. They are insightful, thoughtful, honest, interested, curious and so open! Not a Sunday goes by that I don’t learn something from one of them – whether it is a scientific fact, or that if I speak very quietly they will lean in to hear, or that sometimes a child who looks like they are off on their own is actually really engaged in their own way. They make me a better teacher, parent and friend by showing me how to be in the world.

Teaching RE allows me to see what the world is bringing forward, and it brings me such joy and hope. Could you use a little joy and fun? Ready and willing to stretch a little? Come join us!