by Rev. David A. Miller, Senior Minister, and Karen Wolf, President, Board of Directors.

First, let us start by expressing our gratitude on behalf of the entire congregation for Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig’s service to UUCF. She has seen UUCF through transitions both expected and tragic. Her steady and compassionate presence has provided an important and meaningful ministry to this community and she departs with our deep gratitude. We wish her blessings in her new ministry opportunities, and may her ministry continue to contribute to love and justice in this faith tradition and the world.

With Rev. Laura’s departure, we will be shifting the second ministry position in response to the Program Evaluation Committee’s report to the congregation on the need to transform UUCF’s membership program to meet the evolving religious landscape of the 21st Century.

The new position will be titled Assistant Minister for Congregational Engagement and Spiritual Enrichment. The following is the position summary: “The Assistant Minister for Congregational Engagement and Spiritual Enrichment is charged with supporting four primary functions in congregational life: membership development and engagement, leadership development, spiritual enrichment and pastoral care. This includes exploring and implementing innovative strategies and programs to engage UUCF congregants in the life of the congregation. The Assistant Minister is a member of the Coordinating Team and also actively participates in worship leadership and preaching.”

As the budget documents and operating plan released later this week will explain, this position will take over the focus of work previously performed by Member Services Coordinator Carol Jensen, who is retiring at the end of June (more on our abiding gratitude for Carol in a later post).

This week, the board and staff will determine how best to move quickly to fill the Assistant Minister for Congregational Engagement and Spiritual Enrichment position and meet our needs for the upcoming congregational year. We will share more information on the process as soon as the board approves it. We are working with Rev. Keith Kron from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Transitions Office to identify possible candidates. It is late in this year’s placement process, but there are many ministers in search this year. We are confident that with an active and thriving congregation like UUCF, we will be an attractive potential home for ministers in search.

Once again, we are so deeply grateful for the beautiful ministry Rev. Laura has given to UUCF. Please contact her directly if you wish to express your blessings and good wishes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our next steps.