Jun. 10, 2019.

By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller.

Our congregational life has a rhythm much like schools: we gear up in August for launch in September and we wind down in June for what always feels like a much needed rest. This year has been particularly challenging, and the rest and break to breathe and regroup seems particularly necessary.

For years, it has felt like religious life in America in general and Unitarian Universalism specifically is going through a transition. I have talked about it as a period of realignment from what might be called the 20th Century way of doing “church” to a new 21st Century model. This realignment is still emerging and as with most substantial shifts, there will be a time that calls for flexibility, discovery and learning as well as some challenges to our comfort.

These challenges were evident in a Central East Region training the UUCF Board of Directors attended last Saturday where discussions centered around the topics discussed at our Annual Meeting – the changing needs for revenue generation, the shifting landscape of generational changes in membership and the need to focus our programs and spiritual life on the mission and vision for the present and future.

In the coming congregational year, we’ll have many opportunities for transparent and realistic conversations about these challenges. For now, I hope we can all take time to breathe, reflect, find some joy and rest this summer. I look forward to being part of these important conversations in our shared future and I leave this congregational year with feelings of deep love for all of you, the staff, this institution and our shared faith.