by Associate Minister Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig.

Thank you so much for the warm and wonderful send-off you offered me on Sunday. How good it was to be together and share so many hugs and good wishes. And the presents you gave me are so beautiful – the stunning glass singing bowl and the scrapbook with so many loving, thoughtful notes – I’m deeply grateful to have these treasures to remember you by. I am excited about the next chapter in my ministry, but, dear people, you are very hard to leave!

Many of you have asked about staying in touch. With a heart full of love for you all, I need to let you know that I won’t be able to stay connected with you by email, phone or social media. The covenant I share with all my colleagues in ministry calls me to step way, way back for the sake of the relationship you will form with the new minister who will join you this fall. This is one of the toughest things in ministry – having to say goodbye and really mean it. But it’s for such a good reason. For the next ministry to flourish as we all hope and wish for, ministers who are leaving really need to leave.

That said, if you should find yourself in Williamsburg on a Sunday, I would be delighted to see you in church. You are welcome there too. And I won’t say no to a hug and a smile, either. Though our relationship must change, I will carry you in my heart always. Dear people of UUCF, farewell and bless you.