Aug. 21, 2017.

by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller.

It always seems like new congregational years, beginning with Ingathering in September, bring fresh starts and new possibilities. This year that is as true as ever. As I write this, it also feels like so much more. We are a country traveling through a tumultuous period. A time when our institutions, both for good and for bad, are journeying through significant transitions. UUCF once again is also experiencing transitions with the arrival of our new Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine and Rich Sider announcing his retirement. In these times, it feels incredibly important to be aware of our own feelings, to promote self-care and strengthen UUCF to provide sustenance and grounding.

Our call to grow, connect and serve is both internal and external. The need for spiritually fulfilling worship and programming, opportunities for joy, experiences of meaning and doing the work of striving toward an anti-oppressive beloved community, takes thought, commitment and intention. This community cannot serve these needs and provide the quality we seek without commitment, love and care from each one of us. That is why your participation is vital.

As fun as our Ingathering picnic is, it needs volunteers to thrive. If you are willing to volunteer to support this traditional event, please sign up here.

We are also looking for volunteers to support our shared worship on Sundays. Please sign up here for 9:15 and here for 11:15, if you are willing to help out.

This year we will need to find a deeper place of kindness and understanding in our hearts, while also tapping into that deep well of resolve to do the work that needs to be done. Our shared time can help sustain us as we support each other while taking our steps into whatever this new congregational year will bring.

It is so good to be together.