Sep. 17, 2018.

Anthony Salvi

Rev. David A. Miller

By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller and Board of Directors President Anthony Salvi.

Early in 2019, UUCF will embark on two key staff searches: assistant minister and director of religious exploration (DRE). Interim DRE Diana Tycer and Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine both end their terms of service next summer. We are immensely grateful to Diana and Sarah for the gifts they have brought to UUCF’s community, ministry and programming. We are also thankful we will continue to benefit from their ministries for many more months.

To hire their successors, UUCF will conduct simultaneous searches led by two different search teams. Each search team will be comprised of members appointed from various congregational roles as well as members selected by the Coordinating Team (CT) through an application process to ensure a broad perspective in the process.

Click here for the Assistant Minister Search Team application and here for the DRE Search Team application. Applications are due Oct. 2.

The makeup of the search teams and search processes are described below:

Assistant Minister search team makeup:

  • One lay member of the Coordinating Team (CT), appointed by the CT
  • One member of the Board of Directors, appointed by the board
  • One member of the People of Color Caucus (POCC), chosen by POCC participants
  • One of the three lay ministers who will report to the assistant minister position, appointed by the CT
  • Two congregation members selected by the CT based on submitted applications
  • One staff member, appointed by the CT
  • Rev. David Miller

DRE search team makeup:

  • Three members whose families participate in UUCF’s RE program, chosen by the CT based on submitted applications
  • Two members whose families do not currently participate in the RE program, selected by the CT based on submitted applications
  • One member of the Youth program appointed by the CT
  • One member of the Board of Directors, appointed by the board
  • One member of the RE Committee, chosen by the committee
  • Rev. David Miller

Search team process

Both search teams will follow a similar process:

  • Once a search team is constituted, the team will meet regularly.
  • The team will review the current job description and create a revised description and announcement for posting.
  • The team will generate a list of about 10 key criteria for the position. The position will be posted locally and nationally in places used for national UU congregational searches. These postings have been effective for us in past searches.
  • Designated members of the search team will conduct initial screenings to organize and categorize the applicants by experience and alignment with the job description.
  • The search team will develop interview questions.
  • A subset of the team, including the minister(s) and initial sorters, will meet to decide which applicants meet all the criteria and should be passed on to the full committee.
  • The team will meet more frequently over a month or so to review and discuss applicants.
  • Each committee member will read and evaluate all the applications in relation to the position criteria established by the search team.
  • The search team will conduct Skype interviews with the top candidates.
  • After the Skype interviews, the pool will be narrowed to three finalists.
  • Each finalist will meet with key staff and interview with the search team (the DRE candidates will also meet with the RE Committee).
  • The team will choose the final candidate to recommend to the board.
  • The board will announce the selected candidate.

Please email the CT if you have any questions or would like to share any thoughts.