Sep. 24, 2018.

By Kim Condas.

UUCF is a big congregation. It’s not megachurch-big, but with more than 1,000 congregants and two Sunday services, it’s large enough that members new and old may find it hard to connect within such a large organization.

That was my challenge when I joined in 2006. What helped me feel more integrated into the life of UUCF was joining a Covenant Group. That small group of members welcomed me and helped me make sense of our larger community. Later, a friend and I started a new Covenant Group and got to know another wonderful group of new and longtime members. I’ve laughed and cried with the friends I made in these groups, and I count them among my closest friends at UUCF.

Covenant Groups are small relational groups of about 10 people who meet regularly to provide an opportunity for members to explore life issues in a spiritual setting. Group members agree to show up faithfully for monthly meetings, to remain in the group for at least a year and respect the confidentiality process guided by the facilitator.

UUCF has had Covenant Groups for many years. Over those years, many members have formed close and lasting connections through these groups. And now, we are encouraging you to join one!

By joining a Covenant Group, I hope you’ll find yourself connecting more deeply with individual members, with UUCF and even with Unitarian Universalism as a whole. New Covenant Groups are forming now, and existing ones are welcoming new members.

Please consider saying an enthusiastic “yes” to this opportunity to make new friends and become closer to UUCF. Anyone interested in joining a Covenant Group should contact Rev. Sarah Caine.