by Director of Religious Exploration Linnea Nelson.

Thank you for honoring me yesterday and over that last several weeks with your well wishes, beautiful notes and hugs. As the Director of Religious Exploration, I have been blessed with getting to know you through activities that brought great meaning to my life.

Watching so many of you teach RE has always been a joy, and interacting with the children and youth has been the highlight of each Sunday. Yesterday was so joyful – to feel the connection and love in the Sanctuary and then to go down to the Program Building and experience one last time the gifts our youngest members bring to this community.

Since we were here 17 years before I became DRE, I will also miss you as my faith community, as fellow board members and as members of a dozen or so committees. All of these meetings and activities deepened my love for you and for this community. Working together toward common purpose has fulfilled many of my hopes and dreams. I will continue to support UUs and the good work that can be done when we pull together. I know that work will continue here and I leave grateful to have served together with so many of you.

My home email and new address will be updated in the member directory. After a year or so, if we are back in the area, we’ll stop in to say hello!