UU Battle of the Bands

Sat., Feb. 16, 7 p.m., UU Rockville. Come cheer for UUCF band Oakton Bat Rescue as it competes in the first-ever DC-area UU Battle of the Bands! Tickets available here. The band includes David Addis and Liz Carlson (vocals), youth Ben Eggleston (drums and keyboards), Mary Gaskins (vocals and keyboards), John Graham (guitar), Bob Carr (guitar and vocals) and Pete Rafle (bass). Put on your dancing shoes because Oakton Bat Rescue will rock the house!

Veterans Day art installation

Healing Wall Exhibit in partnership with UUCF’s Young Arts program. Runs through Jan. 1, 2019, Music & Arts Room. UUCF ARTspeaks proudly presents artwork by 24 soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and are on the mend at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. UUCF’s Shari MacFarlane and artists from the Vienna Arts Society worked with the soldiers, helping them translate their feelings into a visual expression on 12-inch puzzle pieces. The artists provided paints and brushes and showed the soldiers different techniques. This powerful art installation helps explore UUCF’s November worship theme, Memory. Youngsters in UUCF’s Young Arts Program completed similar puzzle pieces as they explored themes around justice and […]