ARTspeaks installations

  Presenting theme-related works of art created by UUCF members and friends Open to all UUCF and external artists to loan UUCF selected artworks tying into the monthly theme. Click here for the submission process for all monthly shows. March 2017 theme: Risk Artwork should depict risk, explore the concept of “being at risk,” or be the result of the artist taking a risk (such as using a new technique or covering new subject matter). April 2017 theme: Transformation Artwork should depict a transformation from one state to another (i.e., young and old version of the same person, same location at different times of day or season) or be a combination […]

Music Improv Workshop

Description: The Improv Workshop will be a monthly session designed to help develop improvisational skills within a broader group of UUCF musicians (both instrumentalists and vocalists). The goal is to enable participants to create music from the heart in real time and express themselves creatively and with confidence on their instrument of choice. Each session will include lesson and performance components, allowing participants to gain experience in an informal, supportive group setting. Over time, this workshop will incorporate a range of popular musical styles (rock, blues, jazz, country, Latin, etc.), but there will be a slight emphasis on jazz, due to the central role of improvisation within this genre. Prerequisite […]