Seeking affordable housing for refugee family

Contact Ann King or Nancy Meidenbauer. The Refugee Resettlement Project, cosponsored by UUCF and the UU Congregation of Sterling,​ is looking for an affordable,​ ​two- or three-bedroom apartment for the family from Afghanistan ​we are sponsoring. The ​mom and her two kids need a​n affordable​ place, preferably in Reston, starting this summer.

Annual Meeting slate of nominees

The UUCF Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the slate of nominees for the Board of Directors, the Endowment Fund Committee and the Nominating Committee. Members of the congregation will vote on the nominees at the Annual Meeting, Sun., Jun. 4. In accordance with the UUCF Bylaws, the Nominating Committee will accept written petitions with the names and signatures of 15 or more members to add a qualified member to the list of nominees. All petitions must be submitted to committee chair Craig Bennett at least 21 days before the Annual Meeting (by Sun., May 14).  

Strategic Plan introduction

The UUCF Coordinating Team is happy to present the UUCF strategic plan for 2017-20, the result of an extensive process of congregational and lay leadership input over multiple years. Please take the time to read the plan. We will also introduce the plan at the congregation’s Annual Meeting on Jun. 4. In the meantime, email questions or comments to

From the UUCF Board of Directors

Board decision on timely public statements on social justice issues. In the last several months, the UUCF Board of Directors and congregation have had thoughtful discussions concerning how to best communicate our liberal religious values. The board heard a variety of opinions in meetings, emails and conversations. The majority of voices called for UUCF to be a beacon of liberal religious values in accordance with our principles, and for us to stand up for all marginalized people. We also heard that in this process, it was important that the elected board leadership exercise sound judgment and oversight. After careful consideration of our governance, policy and congregational input, the board withdraws […]