Annual Healing Service

Fri., Feb. 15, 7 p.m., Sanctuary. Please join the Pastoral Care Committee and the Worship Team for a healing service. This annual service, led by Pippin Whitaker, is an opportunity to carve out time and space to reflect on things that are weighing heavily – from personal loss to national and international events. Join us as we seek healing, find light and unite in our quest for wholeness. Everyone is invited to bring a reading to share that brings them peace and healing. Refreshments will follow the service Drop-in child care to age 5 will be available in the Sanctuary Nursery.

Living Consciously

Mon., Mar. 18, Apr. 15, May 27 and Jun. 10, 7:30-9 p.m., Prog. Bldg. (Current session of this class started Jan. 7.) Led by Zim Putney. Register online here or email Melissa Campos-Poehnert, Eckhart Tolle says we are only truly alive in this moment. In this class we strive to be more present and self-aware now, following the voice of our deepest inner resources: our intelligence, emotions, feelings and values. We apply the wisdom of Jack Kornfield’s book “The Wise Heart,” as well as teachings of Tara Brach and others. We practice mindfulness in each meeting through reading (mind), movement (body) and meditation (spirit) and the shared wisdom of others in […]