Congregational Treasure. Nov. 6, 2017. Written by Youth Ministry Coordinator Courtney Firth.

David is a master of duct tape and uses it for games and more.
He shares his time with youth in class, through music and at monthly Youth Adult Committee meetings.
He shares his award-winning chili with youth at events and even talks about his secret ingredient.
He brought his sweet therapy dog Johnny to class to the absolute delight of everyone.
He introduced the youth to stroopwafels and seems to brings head-sized donuts wherever he goes.
He is a wonderful listener and has gained the respect, admiration and love of the youth and adults he works with.
He always has time to chat and listen.
He is a trained youth chaplain and uses his skills to put youth at ease in tough situations.
He is an invaluable resource of history and stories of UUCF.
He has truly exemplified the role of awesome and wonderful youth advisor and will be remembered by the youth and families of this congregation for many years to come.

David Bliss has served as a High School youth advisor and served on the Youth Adult Committee (YAC) since 2012.