Congregational Treasure. May 11, 2015. For the last four years Debra Eastham has been quietly making a huge impact at UUCF. As co-chair of the Worship Environment Committee (WEC) since its inception in 2011, Debra has shared her extensive talent and experience as a professional interior designer with our congregation. The WEC was tasked with creating a more unified aesthetic as well as enhanced beauty within the Sanctuary space. The many recent improvements to the look and feel of our Sanctuary are the result of this committee’s hard work and Debra has been essential to that work.

Debra created design concepts to pull together a coordinated style for the look and feel of the Sanctuary. She dedicated hours researching paint colors and pattern concepts, carpeting and upholstery materials, colors and patterns. She even brought in kitchen cabinet hardware styles from which the committee made a selection.

She tirelessly and cheerfully produced numerous concepts and designs for the WEC and Coordinating Team (CT) to consider. Over the last four years many factors, opinions and functions for the Sanctuary had to be considered as design decisions were made. Debra showed endless patience with the process and guided the committee and the CT to a beautiful outcome.

Once artist Willow Bodman’s designs for the new pulpit furniture were approved by the CT, Debra turned Willow’s drawings into detailed specifications for the builder. She also worked with the builder throughout the process of creating the new furniture.

Debra has given us the gift of her talent in creating new aesthetics in harmony with our worship environment and for that we are exceedingly grateful. As one member of the WEC put it “we literally could not have done this work without her tremendous contribution!”

by Susan Bennett