Our goal this year is $1.050 million.

These are unprecedented times for our community and our world. Because our Unitarian Universalist values have rarely been so challenged, they are consequently more necessary than ever.

These challenging times call for creative resistance and a deep Reimagining. Reimagining what it means to be a UU in this new world, embracing radical love and hospitality. Reimaginingwhat it means to be welcoming to those who seek a safe place. Reimagining what it means to be living an active faith tradition. Reimagining the world our children will make, wrapped in UU values. Reimagining how each of us supports this spiritual community, stepping outside our comfort zones and deeper into our faith.

Financial health is essential in these challenging times, when we are called more than ever to make a difference in our world. We can expand our impact by generously supporting this congregation.The $1.050 million campaign goal is a 9.4% increase over the current budget. The increase is needed to:

  • Make staffing adjustments to strengthen member development and engagement and to provide more ministerial support.
  • Continue our tradition of strong support for our UU denomination.
  • Continue our tradition as a teaching congregation through our intern minister program.
  • Provide a modest pay increase for staff after no increase last year.

It takes all of our contributions to make UUCF work. Your pledge reflects your commitment to UUCF in relation to your financial situation. Some choose to pledge 5% of their gross income. However, if all congregants pledged at least 2% of gross income, we could easily meet the financial needs of this congregation. A pledge of at least $2,100 by each pledging person or family would meet next year’s projected budget.

Please click here to pledge generously by March 19.

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Thank you so much for your continuing support for our vision of transforming the world through our acts of love and justice.

Contact Director of Administration Rich Sider with any questions.