To set up a credit card payment or automatic withdrawal from your bank account (ACH) for the 2018-19 Annual Giving Campaign, please log in to the UUCF member database using your login credentials. If you have not been given login credentials for the new Realm database system, or are logging in for the first time, please email Mary Foster and ask for an invitation to log into Realm.

Once you log in, please follow these steps:

  • Click on Community in the left column, and under Community click on Giving.
  • Your giving history will appear in the middle column.
  • Click on Give.
  • Very important: In the amount field next to “Give,” enter the amount you want to give in each installmentDON’T enter the annual total amount unless you want to give one annual payment. Example: If you’re donating $4,800 as an annual gift and want to do it in monthly installments, enter the amount as $400 and then select Monthly under Frequency.
  • Select 2018-2019 Operating Fund.
  • Select the frequency of your gift: One Time, Once a Week, Every Two Weeks, Once a Month, Twice a Month or Every Three Months.
  • Select the date your donations will start.
  • Under Payment Information, select Credit Card, Checking or Savings and enter all the information relevant to that selection.
  • Click on Give.