In 2012, the Reach Campaign invited UUCF members to create a bold and transformative future for UUCF and our Unitarian Universalist values. The campaign goal was $3.2 million to meet the targets below. Many congregants pledged generously, raising $2.65 million. In 2016 the congregation extended the campaign to new members and those who had not been able to pledge in 2012. That campaign raised an additional $100,000. With the funds already donated, we have accomplish much, including the projects listed below.

Reach Campaign goals

These are general campaign goals. Click here to see specifics.

  • Renewing our parking area to be more welcoming, accessible and safe and our commitment to greener buildings and improved infrastructure.
  • Connecting beyond our congregation through a “game changing” commitment to community outreach and social justice and welcoming other seekers to our open-minded faith through the use of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Strengthening our financial foundation so we can accomplish our mission.

Reach accomplishments as of January 2017

New, safe, environmentally friendly parking lot

  • Provides a visually welcoming entrance.
  • Offers increased green cover and reduced storm water runoff.
  • Includes sidewalks and extensive lighting, making it safe and accessible.

Repurposed and renovated spaces

  • New conference tables, chairs and casual seating areas in the Program Building.
  • Fresh paint in the Sanctuary and Program Building.
  • New outside gathering spaces with picnic tables and chairs.
  • New tables and chairs on the Sanctuary deck and around the grounds.

Improved technology

  • Redesigned the website to make it more engaging and user-friendly.
  • Video recording and live streaming capability for worship and other events.
  • Closed-circuit broadcasting from the Sanctuary to other buildings.
  • New master audio desk and computer equipment in the Sanctuary.

Paid off almost half our mortgage – $625,000 of $1.3 million

  • In December 2016, thanks to accelerated pledge payments from 2012 Reach pledgers, we refinanced our mortgage, saving UUCF about $60,000 in operating expenses.
  • Lowering operating costs frees up funds for programming or other priorities.
  • Reducing ongoing cash flow needs increases our financial stability and health.

Projects still to be accomplished

Current pledges to the Reach Campaign are projected to cover most of these remaining projects. The balance would be covered by Within Reach pledges.

Reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy.

  • Recent energy audit laid out a plan to reduce our carbon footprint by adding insulation, updating
    windows, installing LED lighting, timers and more.
  • Savings will result in lower annual operating costs.
  • Implementing the recommendations will demonstrate our commitment to UUCF’s Congregational Resolution on Climate Change adopted in 2013.
  • Estimated cost: $100,000

Connecting to the public sewer system.

Current septic fields are beyond their useful lives, and could fail suddenly.

  • The engineering and permitting process for connecting to the public sewer has been completed.
  • Opening up the space above the existing drain fields would give us greater property-use flexibility.
  • Upgrades would eliminate the threat of groundwater pollution and expensive repairs.
  • Estimated cost: $150,000

Investing 10% of Reach funds in social justice.

  • We can engage more congregants in addressing new social justice needs, extend the reach of UU values and show our faith in actions.
  • Social Justice Task Force is creating a process for deciding how to use these funds.
  • Specific projects we imagine and create will enable us to have a meaningful social justice impact.

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